Friday, April 1, 2011

George Condo "Mental States" - New Museum New York

Last night I went to the New Museum in the Lower East Side to finally check out the exhibit "Mental States". George Condo is an american painter, contemporary of Keith Haring and Jean-Mitchell Basquiat. Condo adopted technics and methods from earlier painters adding his own quirky touch and making his own style. His influences go from Diego Velasquez to Picasso's cubism, to the mannerist ornamentalism, all mixied with a grotesque touch often compare to that of the "Looney toons". He recently collaborated with Kanye West for the artwork for his latest album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", for which he actually created four different covers since the original one was banned.
This exhibit shows the artist's work in painting and sculptures in the past thirty years. Each portrait mixes the beautiful with the grotesque, creating naturalistic paintings with a twist, reflecting the madness of everyday life in society's complex "Mental States"
The exhibit runs through May 8th and FYI Thursday nights admission is free from 7pm to 9pm. Take advantage. Get there early and grab a bite at the museum's "Birdbath cafe" which was created by "The City Bakery" and has some delish snacks and bevs, all locally grown and organic.
For more info visit or call 212-219-1222.

 New York based designer Adam Kimmel collaborated with George Condo for his Fall-Winter 2010 collection . Below the exclusive t-shir created for Barneys New York.I was able to snatched the black one (Love)I also included the "Casino" video, used to promote the collection.

George Condo for Kanye West 
 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 


  1. I would love to have gone to this with you. I, especially, like the one of Queen Elizabeth with the vulture eye.

  2. I know, you especially would totally get it and enjoy it.