Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Living with Books

I love to surround myself with books, I always go back to them for inspiration and I seem to learn something new every time. I'm really proud of my personal collection and one of my favorite things to do when I move into a new place is to organize and arrange all my books in a special place. 
Here I present a series of images by Todd Selby, fashion and interiors photographer, who portraits designers, models, creatives and taste-makers in their home environment for his blog The Selby and the coveteur. I'm fascinated on how interiors reflect the personality and style of the person who lives there. 
Todd Selby also has a book with his fave homes you can buy "The Selby is in your place " here and add it to your collection after you get inspired by the following pics.

Lagerfeld's library

Cecilia Dean 

Andy Spade and Kate Spade in their home NYC

Julia Reston-Roitfeld in her NYC apartment

All images via The Selby and The Coveteur 

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